Current REP External Collaborators


The REP infrastructure currently supports external research collaborators in a range of topics. Below is a sampling of protocol titles, investigators institutions and countries (July 2017; updated biannually).  External Collaborator List

Number Collaborator Last Name Collaborator First Name Institution City/State, Country Title
1 Aarsland Dag Stavanger University Hospital Stavanger, Norway Mayo Clinic Study of Aging
2 Ahmed Salah-Uddin Washington State University Spokane, WA Heart Disease in Rheumatoid Arthritis
3 Ashe Karen University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Minnesota, USA Mayo Clinic Study of Aging
4 Barbaresi William Boston Children’s Hospital Massachusetts, USA A Population-Based Study of the Genomics and Long-term Outcomes of AD/HD
5 Barker-Cummings Christie Social and Scientific Systems, Inc. Maryland, USA Genetic Epidemiology of Seizure Disorders in Rochester
6 Berchtold Nicole University of California, Irvine California, USA Mayo Clinic Study of Aging / Genechip Study: Gene expression changes in the brain during normal aging and AD
7 Bialeck Stephanie Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Georgia, USA Surveillance for Herpes Zoster
8 Blennow Kaj Salgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg Gothenburg, Sweden Mayo Clinic Study of Aging
9 Bongartz Tim Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN Epidemiology of gout
10 Brown Paul University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Texas, USA Incidence of cerebrovascular accidents and secondary brain tumors in patients with pituitary adenoma, a population-based study