Federally Funded REP Research Projects


The REP research infrastructure currently supports 23 federally funded projects, shown in the table below (July 2017). More information can be found on the projects by searching NIH RePORTER and entering the Grant Number below in the Project Number search field on the RePORTER form. To download this list, open Federally Funded REP Research Projects.

Funding Institute Grant Type Grant number Study Title PI Name Funding Years
NIA P50 AG016574-19 Mayo Alzheimer’s disease research center Petersen, R. 1999-2019
NIA U01 AG006786-32 Alzheimer’s disease patient registry Petersen, R. 1986-2019
NIA P01 AG004875-33 Physiology of bone metabolism in an aging population Khosla, S. 1997-2020
NIA P50 AG044170-05 Sex-specific risk for vascular dysfunction and cognitive decline Miller, V. 2012-2018
NIA R01 AG011378-25 Evaluating and extending our hypothetical model of Alzheimer’s biomarkers Jack, C.R. Jr. 1993-2018
NIA R01 AG041851-06 Brain aging and Alzheimer’s biomarker classification using amyloid PET, Tau PET, and neurodegeneration on MRI: developing the ATN system Jack, C.R. Jr. 2012-2022
NIA R01 AG052425-01A1 Multiple chronic conditions and aging Rocca, W.

St. Sauver, J.

NIA RF1 AG055151-01 Reproductive Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s disease dementia and pathology Mielke, M. 2017-2022
DoD AZ140069-1 Understanding the connection between traumatic brain injury and Alzheimer’s disease: a population-based medical record review analysis Brown, A.

Mielke, M.

NLM R01 LM011972-03 Extracting typical and atypical disease progression patterns from multi-site EHR Simon, G. 2015-2019
NICHD R01 HD071907-05 Neurodevelopment of children exposed to anesthesia: a population-based assessment Warner, D.

Flick, R.

NHLBI R01 HL120859-04 Heart failure in the community: multimorbidity and outcomes Roger, V. 2014-2018
NHLBI K23 HL116643-04 End of life preferences and healthcare resource use in heart failure patients Dunlay, S. 2013-2018
NHLBI R03 HL135225-01 Understanding caregiving in heart failure and impact on outcomes Dunlay, S. 2016-2018
NIAMS R01 AR046849-15 Heart disease in rheumatoid arthritis Crowson, C. 2000-2018
NIMH R01 MH093522-05 Autism spectrum disorder: birth cohort 1976-2000, epidemiology and adult status Katusic, S. 2012-2018
NIAMS R01 AR027065-37 Epidemiology of age-related bone loss and fractures Khosla, S. 1980-2021
NHLBI R01 HL120957-04 Ventricular remodeling and heart failure after myocardial infarction: a community Roger, V. 2014-2017
NIDDK U54 DK100227-04 Improving stone disease treatment by accurate phenotyping and risk stratification Lieske, J. 2013-2018
NHLBI R01 HL066216-15 Risk factors for venous thromboembolism in the community Ashrani, A.

Bailey, K.

NHLBI K01 HL124045-03 Novel informatics approaches for ascertainment of pad status and adverse outcomes Arruda-Olson, A. 2015-2020
NINR R01 NR015441-02 Multi-purpose use of a patient-reported measure of treatment burden in primary care Eton, D. 2016-2021
HLBI R01 HL135879-01A1 EHR-based strategies to improve outcomes in familial hypercholesterolemia Kullo, I. 2017-2021