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November 2015

Sniffing Out Dementia Risk

B-SIT test called a useful screening tool


October 2015

October 26, 2015 – A few photos of Community Advisory Board members at our Women’s Expo booth this weekend.  What a great event!12049120_406816672844114_7121348291389206684_n[2]12193272_406816669510781_5522335972270975132_n[1]

Diverticulitis on the Rise in U.S. Since 2000

2000’s, a new study suggests


September 2015

Increased Detection of Low-Risk Tumors Driving Up Thyroid Cancer Rates Mayo Study Finds

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Low-risk cancers that do not have any symptoms and presumably will not cause problems in the future […]


ESC: Warfarin May Lower Dementia Risk in Afib Patients

Study underscores link between atrial fibrillation and silent infarcts.


August 2015

Diastolic Dysfunction Progresses More Quickly in Patients with RA

Compared with the general population, diastolic dysfunction developed more rapidly in patients with rheumatoid arthritis during a 5-year period,…


July 2015

Hysterectomy May Indicate Cardiovascular Risk in Women Under Age 50

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Hysterectomy may be a marker of early cardiovascular risk and disease,…


Using the REP, researchers find what the risk factors are for long-term opioid use.

One in 4 People Prescribed Opioids Progressed to Longer-Term Prescriptions

Opioid painkiller addiction and accidental overdoses have become far too common across the United…


June 2015

Rochester Post Bulletin wrote an article about opioid use and long-term effects.

A Painful Conclusion

Opioid painkillers are the third-most prescribed drug in Olmsted County, according to the Rochester Epidemiology Project.


Steroid use in rheumatoid arthritis is started earlier in treatment than it was 20 years ago.

Steroid Use in RA More Common

More patients with rheumatoid arthritis today are initiating treatment with glucocorticoids early in the course of disease than was the case 20 years ago, a retrospective study found.


Is it Dementia, or just normal aging?  A new tool developed using the REP may help patients find out.

Is it Dementia, or Just Normal Aging?  New Tool May Help Triage

Ronald Peterson, M.D., Ph.D., a Mayo Clinic neurologist, discusses new scoring system to help determine which elderly people may be at a higher…

May 2015

Vitamin D toxicity rare in people who take supplements, researchers report
Over the last decade, numerous studies have shown that many Americans have low vitamin D levels and as a result, vitamin D supplement use has climbed in recent years. Vitamin D has been shown to boost bone health and it may play a role in preventing diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and other illnesses. In light of the increased use of vitamin D supplements, researchers set out to learn more about the health of those with high vitamin D levels. They found that toxic levels are actually rare.
Original Abstract: Mayo Clinic Proceedings

More Evidence That ADHD Drugs Don’t Curb Ultimate Height

Some earlier research hinted that Ritalin and Adderall can hamper a child’s growth.  But a study of adults who took the drugs as kids now suggests any such effect is…

Article: NPR.ORG

Midlife Arts, Crafts and Socializing Tied to Better Late-Life Cognition

(Reuters Health) – In a new study of people over age 85, those who said they engaged in things like painting, quilting or book clubs during middle age were less…


April 2015

Midlife arts, crafts and socializing tied to better late-life cognition
A study using the Rochester Epidemiology Project found that among cognitively healthy people 85 to 89 who were followed for four years, engaging in significant social activity in mid- and late life drove down the risk of developing mild cognitive impairment by 55 percent. Engaging in craft projects in mid- to late life drove the risk of such intellectual decline down 45 percent.

Ischemic colitis rate increasing, most common in older patients with comorbidities

The incidence of ischemic colitis has increased in recent decades and is most common in older patients with multiple comorbidities, according to findings from a retrospective population-based cohort and nested case-control study.
Original Abstract: Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology


March 2015

New Tool Helps Predict Transition to Mild Cognitive Impairment
Researchers have developed a new scoring system that can help identify cognitively normal elderly individuals at risk for mild cognitive impairment (MCI).
Original Abstract: Neurology


February 2015

Study Suggests More Sensitive Lung Cancer Screening Criteria Needed
A new study analyzing lung cancer incidence and screening published in the February 24 issue of JAMA identified a declining proportion of lung cancer patients meeting the current qualification criteria for high-risk screening. The study suggests that increasing numbers of patients with lung cancer would not be acceptable as candidates for screening.
Lung Disease News
Original Abstract: Journal of the American Medical Association


January 2015

Framingham May Fall Short in Newly Diagnosed PsA
A standard algorithm for identifying patients at risk for an adverse cardiac event underestimated the risk for patients newly diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis (PsA), according to researchers.
Medpage Today
Original Abstract: Arthritis Care and Research


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