Current REP External Collaborators


The REP infrastructure currently supports external research collaborators in a range of topics. Below is a sampling of protocol titles, investigators institutions and countries (July 2018; updated biannually).  External Collaborator List

Number Collaborator Last Name Collaborator First Name Institution City/State, Country Title
1 Aarsland Dag Stavanger University Hospital Stavanger, Norway Mayo Clinic Study of Aging
2 Ahmed Salah-Uddin Washington State University Spokane, WA Heart Disease in Rheumatoid Arthritis
3 Arabia Gennarina Universary of Catanzaro Catanzaro, Italy Time Trends for Neurological Diseases
4 Ashe Karen University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Minnesota, USA Mayo Clinic Study of Aging
5 Barbaresi William Boston Children’s Hospital Massachusetts, USA A Population-Based Study of the Genomics and Long-term Outcomes of AD/HD
6 Barker-Cummings Christie Social and Scientific Systems, Inc. Maryland, USA Genetic Epidemiology of Seizure Disorders in Rochester
7 Berchtold Nicole University of California, Irvine California, USA Mayo Clinic Study of Aging / Genechip Study: Gene expression changes in the brain during normal aging and AD
8 Bialeck Stephanie Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Georgia, USA Surveillance for Herpes Zoster
9 Blennow Kaj Salgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg Gothenburg, Sweden Mayo Clinic Study of Aging
10 Bongartz Tim Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN Epidemiology of gout