Using REP Resources for Research Studies


The REP provides the infrastructure for interested investigators to collect data for studies of a wide range of medical conditions. However, as many of the resources available for REP studies (such as patient medical records) are part of ongoing clinical care at southeastern MN health care institutions, data collection for a new study typically requires spending time in southeastern MN to access these resources. To facilitate these types of studies, REP Collaborator appointments are available through the Mayo Clinic. Such appointments provide investigator space on the Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN campus and access to REP computer resources, but do not provide funding for the project itself. Further information on how to receive a REP Collaborator appointment may be obtained by contacting REP staff at


The REP has also supported the development of multiple population-based and disease-specific cohorts. Current federally funded projects which used the REP resources for development are listed on our Federally Funded Research Projects page. Investigators interested in a listed topic area are strongly encouraged to search for previous publications and to contact the investigators who developed the studies in order to explore collaborative research opportunities.