What is the Rochester Epidemiology Project?
The Rochester Epidemiology Project (REP) is a collaboration of clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin and involves community members who have agreed to share their medical records for research. Using medical record information, medical scientists can discover what causes the diseases, how patients respond to medical and surgical therapies, and what will happen to patients in the future. Research studies conducted in the local community may improve the health of people both locally and globally.
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The Mayo ‘miracle’: How world-class medical research rose from a Rochester tornado 138 years ago

August 2021

Mayo Clinic is synonymous with medical breakthroughs because of one of the largest, but least known, projects designed to collect data for research anywhere in the world. Minnesotans are at the heart of it: People like farmers, mechanics and teachers of all ages and backgrounds who volunteer to help with research.